R-1015 dress necklace

  • double pendant
  • Gender: Brass metal with gold plating
  • flower type: Shell
  • Stone type: Solomon Aqiq
  • Art: Pen drawing and miniature
  • brand: rosam
  • Along with the product ID card
  • Comes with a chain

$3 960 000

1 in stock

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با پست پیشتاز

Art from the mud to the release of flight

The two-sided painting and miniature art is a work of art that is made of brass metal. This piece is decorated with gold plating and Soleimani agate stone is used in it.

Calligraphy and miniature are two old and famous arts in Iran. In calligraphy, artists draw beautiful and detailed designs on various surfaces using pens and other small tools. This art in Iran started in the Middle Ages and continues to this day.

Miniature is also an art in which small and precise images are drawn on different surfaces. This art started in Iran in the Middle Ages and became more prosperous during the Safavid period.

The two-sided garment is made by pen and miniature art, using pen and miniature techniques. Brass metal has been chosen as a suitable material for making this piece. Using a pen and other small tools, the artist has drawn beautiful and detailed designs on the surface of the brass metal.

Then, the piece is decorated with gold plating. Gold plating is a process in which thin layers of gold are placed on the metal surface. This process gives beauty and shine to the piece.

In addition to gold plating, Soleimani agate stone is also used in this piece. Soleimani agate is one of the precious stones mined in Iran. This stone gives a special beauty to the piece.

The flower design on this piece is made of shells. Shells are used by artists in designing and decorating art pieces because of their beautiful designs and colors. In this piece, a beautiful floral design using shells is placed on the surface.

Rubasi Duro is made by calligraphy and miniature art using different artistic techniques and it is a combination of brass metal, gold plating, agate stone and shell flower design. This piece of art is a beautiful and unique work that has been able to depict the exact details using these different materials.


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