Necklace R-1027

  • Gender: Steel and copper metal with gold plating
  • Stone type: Geode opal and synthetic rose quartz
  • brand: rosam
  • Along with the product ID card
  • Comes with a chain

$769 000

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Art of the promise of spring blossoms

This necklace is made of steel and copper and decorated with gold plating. Geode opal and synthetic onyx stones add more beauty and charm to this necklace. The warm and beautiful colors of geode onyx and synthetic onyx with gold embellishment make this necklace a stunning and amazing piece.

In addition to beauty, this necklace is considered as an ornamental and decorative element very suitable for any occasion. Also, it can be a luxurious and lasting gift for your loved ones. The design and beauty of this necklace with steel metal and geode agate and synthetic onyx stones has made it a very stylish and beautiful choice for any person who is looking for beauty and originality.


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