Necklaces R-1007

  • double pendant
  • Miniature art and calligraphy
  • brand: rosam
  • Along with the product ID card
  • Comes with a chain

$1 790 000

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Art from the ancient land for beautiful ladies

Doro necklace is a beautiful and artistic piece of jewelry that is made using miniature and calligraphy techniques.

Miniature is an art in which small and detailed images are drawn on surfaces smaller than normal size. This art technique is often done using a pen and oil or acrylic paints. If other methods such as gilding, painting on glass, or painting on tiles are used in the miniature, this art is known by special names such as brush painting, painting on glass, and painting on tiles.

Doro necklaces are drawn in miniature art and penmanship with very precise and beautiful details and show the artist’s ability to work with pen and paint.

In addition to the beauty and artistic technique, Doro’s miniature art necklaces also have a high value.

Overall, the doro necklace is an exceptional piece of jewelry that exudes beauty, artistry, and value. These pieces can be used as a unique and special gift and will attract attention and admiration on any occasion.


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