Necklaces R-1003

  • Material: Silver and copper metal with gold plating
  • Gemstone: Synthetic red ruby
  • flower type: Shell


$1 125 000

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Art made of fire with a dream of flight

This necklace is made with a combination of silver and copper. Gold plating on the necklace makes it a unique and luxurious piece. This process involves coating the surface of the necklace with a layer of gold that gives it a pleasing appearance. Gold plating can also give a different and stylish look to the necklace.

The synthetic ruby stone used in this necklace is a synthetic gemstone that is widely used in jewelry design. With its beautiful red color and dazzling luster, this stone gives a very attractive look to the necklace. In addition, the use of synthetic red ruby in this necklace makes it affordable.

The material of shell flower used in this necklace is a natural and beautiful material. With its natural colors, this oyster flower adds beauty and charm to the necklace.

In general, the necklace made of silver and copper metal with gold plating and the use of synthetic red ruby and shell flower is a beautiful and unique piece that can be used by any style. With a combination of quality materials and beautiful design, this necklace can give any person a stylish and attractive look.


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